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> Dubose Records

Here's a video of a long-gone Chicago record store, but one that was very important to us, as it was a place where we learned a heck of a lot about funky 45s!

The store was run by Ernest Dubose, who was a TV repairman by trade, but who also ended up carrying records.  This was very common with many appliance stores in the postwar years, partly because record players were often big, and treated like appliances and furniture.

By the time we first walked into the store, which was the end of the 80s, the front sign was long gone, the TV repair business was at a minimum, and the front window even had three layers of bars, all of which made it very difficult to even notice as a store.  At the time, there were actually a lot of stores like these, left over from a time when the record retail business was hopping on Chicago's south and west sides, and we were fortunate enough to get to spend a lot of time learning about music in places like these.

Unfortunately, this is the only one that we ever documented, and we can proudly say that at the Dusty Groove store, we still use a display case we purchased from Dubose Records when it was closing down.

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